Jared Miller

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Miller is a disabled US veteran. Miller attended John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School and the MSG David K. Thuma Non-Commissioned Officer Academy. He received the rank E-5 or Sergeant. Miller is currently one of three on the AME Higher for Education team. The other two members, Kimberly Alameda and Jennifer Economy, are both running for the Chesapeake school board council [3, 4].

Miller describes himself as a “conservative independent” [5].

Key Issues


Miller believes masks should not be mandated in schools. Furthermore, Miller is against measures to enforce social distancing policies in school, contact trace, or close schools [1, 3].

Public Safety

To increase school safety, Miller advocates for automatically locking doors, issuing student ID cards to get into schools, having a school resource officer (SRO) in every school, and providing training to allow for teachers to conceal carry in school [3]. 


Miller believes that school traffic for kids can be reduced through redesigned bus routes. He has developed a new bus route for around 10 schools. Miller is also in favor of school choice [3].


Miller argues for free and transparent public information [3].

Reproductive Rights

Miller is pro-life [3].


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