Jaylen K. Curtis

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Jaylen Curtis has attended schools in Woodbridge, VA since 2017. Curtis is a member of the Prince William County Democrats, and was motivated to run for school board because of his participation in student protests in the region and class leadership at his high school [1]. 

Curtis is currently the youngest candidate to run for school board in the history of Prince William County, and will be 19 during the election – if he wins, he plans on attending Northern Virginia Community College, while he will pursue a four-year degree if his campaign is unsuccessful [1].

Key Issues


Curtis wants to increase the rigor of the Virginia school curriculum, citing his feeling that the current resources are only capable of providing “the minimum education when [the school] needs to be giving them more” [1].


Curtis wants to limit drug and e-cigarette use in schools and increase punitive measures to limit behavioral issues stemming from their use [1].

School Safety

Curtis wants to increase school security against threats such as shootings through the inclusion of metal detectors and stronger defensive presences in school buildings [1].


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