Jeanne Macko

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status challenger


Jeanne Macko has been a lifelong resident of Evans, and would later graduate from Lake Shore Central in 1991. Macko would earn a bachelor’s degree in finance from Canisius College, and would then work as the owner of a local electrical construction company named Spoth Enterprises Inc. In 2016, Macko would run and win her bid to become an Evans Councilwoman, representing Evans from 2016-2019.

Key Issues


As a Councilwoman, Jeanne Macko will work to enhance parks and marinas such as Sturgeon Point Marina. For Sturgeon Point Marina especially, Macko would work to create a comprehensive and organized plan to help out the marinas. Macko has a Councilwoman would also work to fix the drainage issue happening in Evans.


One of Macko’s main goal as a Councilwoman would be to ‘hold the line’ on taxes.

Publc Safety

Macko has also stated that a task of her’s during her term of a Councilwoman would be to protect the public safety of Evans.


As a Councilwoman, Macko would try to be as bipartisan as possible and work to represent residents instead of ‘powerful bosses’.

Macko has previously worked to increase the members of the town board to five people.