Jeanne Seaver

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Jeanne Seaver is an active member of the Chatham county Republican party, and has worked on several Republican campaigns in the past, including Brian Kemp’s and Donald Trump’s. Seaver advocates for women and children in crisis, and she traces her interest in these areas to her difficult childhood. She has been working since age eleven and has three children.

Key Issues


Seaver opposes the current state income tax, advocating instead for the Georgia Fair Tax Act. This legislation proposes a consumption tax, which she claims will return money to Georgians.


Seaver opposes commercialized gambling in Georgia, referring to it as a public health crisis because of its addictive qualities.


Seaver supports increased support of veterans, especially through the Georgia Department of Veteran Services. She advocates for awareness of their needs and spending reflecting that.


Seaver opposes the teaching of Critical Race Theory, suggesting fines and legislation to prevent it. Additionally, she advocates for increased support of technical and trade colleges within the state, as she believes they are often overlooked.

Election Integrity

Seaver supports the passage of recent voting security legislation, advocating for closely monitored elections.




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