Jim Desmond

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Jim Desmond graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Electrical Engineering. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and worked professionally for over thirty years as a pilot for Delta Airlines, before retiring in 2020 as a Captain. Desmond is a member of the San Diego Local Area Formation, the Chairman of the San Diego Local Area Formation Commission (LAFCO), and a member of the Board of Directors of the North County Transit District [2]. 

Key Issues

Public Safety

Desmond supports increases in funding for police in order to provide them with the resources to work effectively to protect the community. He has co-authored a board action to review the San Diego Sheriff’s Office staffing levels and report back on potential shortages and ways to recruit. Desmond advocates for crisis mental health services to supplement the police force and earlier this year increased social workers on staff to reduce the number of mental health crises that police have to respond to. Desmond supports keeping sexually violent predators out of San Diego County by placing them instead on state prison grounds [1].


Desmond supports funding for behavioral health services as well as getting people off the streets and into treatment facilities. He has worked to open a Crisis Stabilization Center that will open later this year [1].


Desmond supports preventative action to reduce wildfire impact and has supported increased the frequency of defensible space inspections, enhanced pre-fire vegetation management, added new helicopters, and improved pre-fire emergency planning with a greater emphasis on technology and GIS mapping [1]. 


Desmond believes in supporting transportation technology for the future meaning he supports development of technologies like self-driving cars rather than using funds for trains and trolleys. He also supports finding a permanent solution to the bluff collapses at the Del Mar Bluffs and the adjacent rail line [1].

Health Care

Desmond supports Community Paramedicine, which works to connect hard to reach communities to primary care, conducts post-hospital visits, and expands public health education as well as conducts more home visits and provides hospice care [1].


Desmond believes in supporting veterans and has advocated for policy in the past like the Veterans Moving Forward Program that provides veterans in-custody treatment and services to ultimately help them reintegrate successfully into society [1]. 


Desmond is in support of protecting the environment and clean water. Desmond has opposed policies for offshore drilling and has supported rapid water quality testing technology for beaches. He also supports a coalition to find ways to safely dispose of nuclear waste [1]. 


Desmond supports closing the digital divide and ensuring access to technology for all those in need [1].


Desmond has created Community Revitalization Programs that empower residents to resolve issues and revitalize communities through coordination of community resources, regular meetings and direct connection to County staff and resources. Demond directly attends these meetings to stay involved [1]. 

Indigenous Rights

Desmond supports respecting tribal lands and governments by creating a tribal liaison position. Desmond also supports allowing tribal lands to expand through the federal process [1].


CAL FIRE Firefighters Local #2881; Borrego Springs Firefighters Association; California Restaurant Association; Deputy Sheriff’s Association of San Diego County; District Attorney’s Investigators Association; Lincoln Club of San Diego County; National Electrical Contractors Association; Oceanside Firefighters Association 3736; Oceanside Police Officers’ Association; San Diegans Against Crime; San Diego County Probation Officers Association; San Diego Deputy District Attorneys Association; San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce


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