Jim Lamon

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Jim Lamon is a Republican running in the primary election for the U.S. senate. Lamon is one of few Lamon was born and raised on a farm in Alabama. He studied civil engineering at the University of Alabama and spent the next 6 years as an Engineer Airborne Officer for the US Army. Lamon was stationed in Germany for a period of time. He is now a 65 year old resident of Paradise Valley. In addition, he is the Founder and CEO of DEPCOM Power, a company centered around the construction of solar panels.

Key Issues

COVID-19 relief bills

Lamon believes the government is spending an excessive amount of money when it comes to providing covid relief and wants to limit spending. 

Energy Usage

He aims to increase solar usage for a more green Arizona.

Border Security

He is looking to secure the border by increasing protection. 


Jim Lamon has not received any major endorsements so far.