Jim R. Gehlsen

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Jim Gehlsen is a graduate of Clemson University, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in building construction technology, in 1976. Gehlsen is a resident of Nokesville, VA, and has nearly 40 years of experience in construction and agriculture. Gehlsen currently serves as the owner of Creative Contracting of Nokesville, LLC, Cedar Run Brewery, and Evergreen Acres, a direct to consumer bee and Christmas tree farm [1, 3].

Gehlsen’s experience in politics include serving as the Area II chairman of the Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, director and chairman of the Board for the Prince William Soil and Water District, and director of the Prince Wiliam/Fairfax Far Bureau. Gehlsen served on the Prince William County Soil and Water District for over 11 years. Gehlsen also ran for election to represent Virginia’s 1st Congressional District in 2022 [2, 3, 6].

Gehlsen was convicted of tax fraud in 2000 and served a year in federal prison in a case relating to partnership income from his Creative Contracting masonry business. Gehlsen is committed against actions from the IRS which he deems as “tax terrorism” and are harmful to the development of local business [5].

Key Issues


Gehlsen wants to preserve the identity of Prince William County through the “rural crescent” and does not want to see PWC experience a process which he describes as “Fairfaxing” [1].


Gehlsen wants to increase taxation on data centers that he feels do not provide sufficient tax revenue to the people of Gehlsen based on their perceived value [1]. 


Gehlsen wants to inhibit the creation of high-density housing that he feels Prince William County cannot support [1]


Gehlsen wants to create a long-term plan for water consumption in Prince William County and also wants to reduce pollution in the Occoquan River that provides the majority of drinking water to southern Fairfax and eastern Prince William County [1].


Prince Wiliam County Democrats


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