Jim Torgeson

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Jim Torgeson received a BA from UCLA [4]. He is a former musician and played guitar for multiple bands in his 20s. Outside of his profession, Torgeson also served as a board member and then Chairman of the Heritage District Redevelopment Committee. He was the Former Chairman of the Community Services Committee and has been a board member of the Free Enterprise Committee and the Tempe-Apache Blvd Redevelopment Committee. Torgeson is also a member of the Rotary Club, President of the Legacy at Gilbert Commons HOA, and former Director Tempe Apache Blvd Businessman’s Association [1]. Since 2001, he has been the owner of a small business in Gilbert called Sign King of Arizona and Mesa Sign Shop [6].

Key Issues


Torgeson wants to be more transparent about the town budget and spending and wants to involve residents and homeowners’ associations in decisions [1][4]. He wants to reduce government spending and examine projects to see if they are worth the expense. Additionally, he opposes increasing funding to the Gilbert museum [4].


Torgeson wants to increase commercial and lighting development instead of focusing on high-density apartments [4]. 


Torgeson wants to increase the building of infrastructure to fulfill the needs of high-density building. He also wants to help make room and create spaces for new businesses and repair the sewer system [3]. 


Torgeson opposes the building of high-density apartments and recent zoning laws that have made multi-family housing more widespread. He does not want to make changes to current laws regarding housing development. Torgeson opposes offering incentives to build property. He also does not believe the city can provide affordable workforce housing [4].


Eddie Cook, former member of Gilbert Town Council and current Maricopa County Assessor; Tom Forese, former member of AZ Corporation Commission; Bob Robson, former member of Arizona House of Representatives; Ken Bennett, former Arizona Secretary of State; Gilbert Watch.


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