Joan Dzuro

Key Facts

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Joan Dzuro obtained her AA in Business Management from Ventura College and her BA in Business/Commerce, General from Cal Lutheran University [1, 7]. She is a member of the Lake Havasu City Planning and Zoning Commission [4]. Dzuro was a Human Resource Professional for 37 years and has spent the last nine years as the CEO of Dzuro and Associates, an HR consulting firm based in Riverside, California [1, 2, 7]. Dzuro has served on multiple boards and commissions, including the National Human Resource Association board, the Ventura Marina and Indio Noon Clubs, and a 3450 gated HOA in Southern California [1]. Dzuro has taught HR Certification classes at Cal Lutheran University and California State University, Northridge [1].

Key Issues


Dzuro supports a balanced budget [1].


Dzuro wants to keep Lake Havasu parks safe and clean. In 2026, she wants to listen to constituent concerns when they vote on the city’s new General Plan for 2026-2036 [1].


Dzuro supports working with companies that employ 100+ employees to encourage them to open their businesses in Lake Havasu and look into hiring residents [1].


Given that Lake Havasu is 90% built out, Dzuro prioritizes accessible housing and wants to encourage alternative housing options when possible [1].


Dzuro wants to keep Lake Havasu sewer and water lines working effectively and consistently repair public roads to keep them in good condition [1].

Public Safety

Dzuro wants to provide sufficient resources for Lake Havasu police and fire departments [1]. She previously supported efforts to redistribute $100,000 from emergency services to the Phoenix Police Department [4].


Dzuro supports current council retaliation efforts to protect Lake Havasu’s water and wants to continue these actions while looking at opportunities to augment the city’s supply [1].


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