Joaquin Martinez

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Joaquin Martinez graduated from University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science [3]. Martinez has worked as the Director of Community Affairs for the City of Houston for over 9 years. During this time, he worked as an assistant to Council Member Robert Gallegos. Furthermore, Martinez has been involved in many organizations throughout the city. For example, he currently serves as a board member for the Arte Publico Press and the Tejano Center for Community Concerns [1][2].

Key Issues

Public Safety

 Martinez would like to partner with local law enforcement to provide necessary tools and resources in order to enhance public safety [1].


Martinez would like to develop a deliberate strategy for constructing more senior, multi-family, and single-family housing throughout the City of Houston [1].


Martinez would also like to endorse local Houston schools and collaborate with colleges and universities to create opportunities for a robust workforce in District I [1].


Martinez pledges to encourage the transition toward a zero-emissions port while involving refineries and labor force as cooperative partners in cleaner, more efficient operations [1].


Dave Martin, Mayor Pro-Tem; Martha Castex-Tatum, Vice Mayor Pro-Tem; Robert Gallegos, Council Member; Abbie Kamin, Council Member; Tiffany Thomas, Council Member; Sallie Alcorn, Council Member; David Robinson, Council Member; Sylvai Garcia, Congresswoman; National Latino Police Officers Association; Adrian Garcia, Commissioner; Lesley Briones, Commissioner; Ed Gonzalez, Sheriff; Greater Houston Builders Association; Houston Contractors Association; Houston Fire Department Chief Officers Association; Houston Black American Democrats; Afro-American Police Officers League; Houston Professional Firefighters Association; Houston Police Retired Officers Association; Asian American Democrats of Texas; Houston Chronicle [1][4]


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