Joe Winfield

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Joe Winfield holds a bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture from the University of Arizona and is a registered landscape architect. After serving an almost 32-year career with the National Park Service, Winfield joined the Coronado National Forest Service as its recreation staff officer, overseeing recreation, heritage, special uses, wilderness, and lands. Winfield is also an Eagle Scout and has served on the Oro Valley General Plans committees, Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, the Oro Valley Trails Task Force, and Catalina Homeowners Association (president). 

Key Issues

Public Safety

Winfield, among other city leaders, selected Chief Kara Riley to take over as the new Oro Valley Police Chief in 2018 and has supported her work to establish new officer capability programs and a 911-text program. Winfield also believes the town’s MOU for a pay raise for the police department will help the town retain the best police talent. He supports the city’s funding for the Oro Valley Police Pension and the service of Chief Riley. 


Winfield wants to provide town services with no property taxes and responsible town fund management. Winfield believes that the city’s bonding of 25 million dollars at 2.3% to fund public projects (e.g. Naranja Park, community center tennis court rebuild, etc.) is a testament to the city’s responsible funding and spending. 


Winfield wants to decline campaign donations from developers and supports the voter-approved General Plan, which includes developments intended to benefit the community. He wants to attract high quality jobs and businesses and intends to maintain the code amendments that streamlined approvals in Innovation Park and helped bring in Leonardo Electronics. Winfiled declined a proposal to build mass scale apartments in the Oro Valley marketplace and emphasizes the importance of open space.


Winfield wants to continue providing safe connections across the community through the expansion of off-street multi-use path systems. He believes that the town’s investments to improve golf, pickleball, and tennis at the community center and the funding for new parks/trails are necessary to maintain mental and physical health for all residents. Winfield wants to add these amenities to Oro Valley with no additional sale or property taxes, only golf savings.


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