John Arlen Harmon

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


John Arlen Harmon, a native Georgian, graduated from Georgia Southern University. He has served as the District 3 representative in the Cherokee County Board of Education since 2014. [1] Harmon has been a business owner and manager of various franchises for more than two decades. [3]

Key Issues


Harmon supports providing in-person education without mask mandates, in addition to a virtual option for those wishing to remain virtual. He advocates for hiring more teachers to provide enhanced assistance during the pandemic [2].


Harmon supports increasing teachers’ salaries. He also promotes training for teaching and technological skills [2].


Harmon believes in expansion of Advanced Placement and career courses within schools. He especially focuses discussion on career classes to encourage entrepreneurship career paths.  Harmon is against introducing Critical Race Theory into schools, citing his belief that it may create divisions within the student body. He supports school board legislation to prevent education centered around critical race theory, but discusses an alternative curriculum focusing on both positive and negative aspects of history [2].


Harmon has supported the starting of websites that display all meetings of Cherokee County’s Board of Education, along with online resources containing teachers’ study guides and plans [2].


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