John Cahal

Key Facts

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John Cahal opened his tutoring company ABC Phonetic Reading School (ABC) in 1986. ABC serves parents and students throughout Arizona. In 2002 ABC contracted with the Arizona Department of Education to reach Arizona schools and schools in five other states [1]. Cahal has served on two school boards, and was a president on one of these boards [1].

Key Issues


Cahal believes in a curriculum that enables school age students to reach 100% reading proficiency. His tutoring company ABC hopes to enable this goal to become a reality [1].


Cahal believes in communicating with district parents to ensure that they know how the board will serve them and how they can help support their own students at home and in school [3].


Cahal prioritizes using statistics to understand literacy and communicating with children, parents, and administrators to improve these statistics of performance [4].


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