John Hemmerling

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ohn Hemmerling received a Juris Doctor from the University of San Diego School of Law. He currently is the Chief Criminal Prosecutor in the City of San Diego’s Criminal and Community Justice Division, where he oversees eight prosecutorial units, and has been Deputy City Attorney since 2002. Before his time working with the San Diego Police Department, he had an extensive military career that spanned three decades serving as a Marine Corp Colonel in the Gulf and Iraq wars. For his command of an 800 Marine Batallion and stabilization missions in the Al Anbar Province, he received a Bronze Award and Combat Action Ribbon, among other accolades. Additionally, he was a San Diego Police Officer for a little under a decade, where his job consisted of developing police officer trainees with instruction for graduation. Within the department, he received several awards, which include a Commanding Officer’s Citation and a Life Saving Citation [1,3]. 

Key Issues

Mental Health

Hemmerling wants to expand the amount of accurate and comprehensive behavioral health assessments with increased collaboration from mental health professionals. He believes it is crucial to create diversion opportunities for criminals to have a successful departure once their sentence is done. Additionally, he wants to better community supervision efforts with a goal of rehabilitation [1]. 

Criminal Justice

He wants to guarantee that victims receive the support that they need in investigations and make communication as efficient and effective as possible. Furthermore, he thinks the government should stop collaborating with criminals and start holding them accountable for the crimes they commit [1].

Gun Policy

He supports the Second Amendment and believes that every American has the right to bear arms, so long as they prove themselves to be responsible gun owners and pass appropriate background checks. He wants to approve personal carry permits (PCPs) on a timely basis for those who demonstrate good moral behavior [1]. 


He wants to be honest and authentic with investigations that the Sheriff Department are conducting at all times. Moreover, he wants to prioritize the concerns of his consitutents and pour resources into those respective areas to create progress in community affairs [1]. 


California Republican Party; Republican Party of San Diego County; Deputy City Attorney’s Association; San Diego Asian Americans For Equality; Latino American Political Association; East County Chamber of Commerce; Kevin Faulconer, former Mayor of San Diego; Richard Bailey, Mayor of Coronado; John Minto, Mayor of Santee; Bill Wells, Mayor of El Cajon; Chris Cate, San Diego City Councilman; Jan Goldsmith, former San Diego City Attorney; Shelley Zimmerman, San Diego Chief of Police (Ret.); June Cutter, State Assembly Candidate, 2022; Amy Reichert, San Diego Board of Supervisors Candidate, 2022; Miguel Rosario, Chief, Bureau of Invesitgation, San Diego Distict Attorney’s Office (Ret.); David Burton, Coordinator, East County Tea Party; Paul Lebidine, Brigidier General, United States Marine Corps (Ret.); Juan Hidalgo, Sergeant Major United States Marine Corps (Ret.); Michael Giorgino, Commander, United States Naval Reserve (Ret.); Michael Lee, Colonel, United States Marine Corps (Ret.); Mark Coast, Colonel, United States Marine Corps Reserve (Ret.) 


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