John M. Anderson

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


John M. Anderson has a master’s degree in Aerospace Management. He is currently a contractor for the USAF as a program manager, and formerly worked for the USAF as an active-duty officer. Anderson is a veteran of the United States Air Force and has owned a small business. Anderson is also on the governing body of his Church, the Church’s Facility Team Lead, and an adult Sunday School teacher [3].

Key Issues

Gun Policy

Anderson is a 2nd Amendment advocate and does not wish to restrict guns [3].


Anderson believes the response to COVID-19 was an instance of government overreach [3].


Anderson seeks to securitize expenditures to reduce taxes. He believes Suffolk should not build an economy only to expand the tax base. Anderson seeks to find less expensive methods of executing programs [3].


Anderson seeks to develop a plan that ensures basic infrastructure (roads, schools, emergency responder and other services). He believes Suffolk City Council should restrain re-zoning approvals for high-density commercial and urban property until basic infrastructure is developed [3].


Anderson believes Suffolk City needs to lift people out of poverty by putting them on a path of independence [3].

Public Safety

Anderson believes there needs to be a dedicated police presence in the Chuckatuck/Eclipse area and a police station near the Chuckatuck Fire Department [3].


Anderson seeks to ensure school funds are properly allocated [3].


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