John P. Flannery

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


John Flannery received undergraduate degrees in Physics and Industrial Engineering at Fordham and Columbia University, respectively. He additionally received a law degree at Columbia, and a master’s in Information Science degree at the George Washington University Graduate School of Business. Flannery has served as Special Counsel both for the House and the Senate, investigating topics such as the influence of outside groups on labor unions and being a part of the impeachment proceedings of President Bill Clinton [1, 2, 4]. 

After his time with Congress, Flannery would continue practicing law on the side, at Campbell Miller Zimmerman as Of Counsel. The firm would eventually change its name to Campbell Flannery PC. One of Flannery’s notable practices was when he represented every airline in the Air Traffic Controllers Strike in 1981, negotiating a settlement of $28,869,000 [1, 2, 5, 6]. Flannery has been the incumbent Director on the Board of Loudoun County’s Soil and Water Conservation District for the past two terms [3, 4].

Key Issues


Flannery wants to protect and preserve nature, ranging from the quality of the water to the nutrients in the soil [3].


Flannery supports a transparent system that communicates with voters about changes and solutions to improving the environment of Loudoun [2, 3, 4].


Loudoun County Democratic Committee


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