John Reimann

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


John Reimann is a retired carpenter and former recording secretary of the Carpenters local 713. He is a self-described Socialist, and has lived in Oakland since 1969 [1].

Key Issues


 Reimann wants to implement taxes on the Port of Oakland, and increase corporate taxes and property taxes on the wealthy [1].  


Public Safety

Reimann wants to fund local democratically elected committees of public safety to essentially replace the presence of police in communities. He wants individuals from each community to be on call and on the streets 24/7 to defuse potentially violent situations [1]. 



Reimann wants to implement a $28 per hour minimum wage [4]. 



Reimann wants to provide public-owned housing and social, psychological, and sanitation services for homeless individuals. He wants to clean and stabilize conditions at homeless encampments rather than removing them [1]. 



Reimann wants to set up city-run grocery centers in vacant public lots and buildings to increase access to fresh produce [1]. 



Reimann wants to convert the Oakland Coliseum and/or Arena into community shopping and grocery centers or centers for the arts. He wants to repair roads [1]. 



Reimann wants to improve and expand free public transit. He wants to improve the quality and safety of bike lanes [1]. 



Reimann supports directly funding the arts by providing residencies, artists studios, regular public entertainment, and paid gig opportunities [1]. 



Reimann opposes Oakland Unified School District closures and wants to involve youth in developing public school curriculums [1]. 



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