John Whitmire

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


John Whitmire earned a BA from the University of Houston and attended the Bates College of Law at the University of Houston. He is the attorney of counsel to the law firm Locke Lord LLP. Whitmire is currently a state senator for Texas Senate District 15 as a Democrat, having been first elected in 1982 after serving 10 years in the state House. He has served as Chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee since 1993; he is currently the only Democrat to chair a Texas State Senate committee. Whitmire is the longest-serving current member of the Texas State Senate [1, 2, 7].

Key Issues

Law Enforcement

Whitmire advocates for increased law enforcement resources and better coordination of the police agencies operating in Houston. He plans to increase the number of police officers on the street and strengthen Houston’s Community Policing Program, as well as equip the HPD to better address mental health situations and enhance de-escalation training [1]. 

Civil Rights

Whitmire wants to celebrate diversity [1]. Whitmire wants to promote the growth of minority- and women-owned businesses, as well as ensure all neighborhoods receive necessary services [1].


Whitmire wants to improve neighborhoods with better streets, garbage pickup, flood control, and transportation. He prioritizes combating traffic congestion, repairing water mains, clearing drainage ditches, and focusing the METRO’s transit on those commuting to work and school [1].


Whitmire wants Houston to be more affordable [1].

Public Safety

Whitmire plans to improve operations and resources for fire and EMS [1].

Criminal Justice

Whitmire wants to provide “Second Chance” programs to integrate former offenders back into the community [1]. Whitmire is in favor of requiring bail bond companies to charge 10% of a bail amount to secure a surety [8]. 


Whitmire advocates for teaming with schools, nonprofits and businesses to provide after-school programs and summer opportunities [1].


Whitmire hopes to make it easier to open a business, build a facility, and connect to infrastructure in Houston [1].


Sylvia Garcia, Congresswoman; Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation; Houston Police Officers’ Union; Carol Alvarado, State Senator; Lee P. Brown, former Houston Mayor; Houston Organization of Public Employees; Afro-American Police Officers League; Harris County Deputies’ Organization; Silvia Trevino, Harris County Constable; Ana Hernandez, State Representative; Charles McClelland, Former Houston Police Chief; Armando Walle, State Representative; Christian Manuel, State Representative; Houston Police Retired Officers Association; Sherman Eagleton, Harris County Constable; Hubert Vo, State Representative; Organization of Spanish Speaking Houston Police Officers; Latino Labor Leadership Council of Southeast Texas; Houston Association of Realtors; Greater Houston Builders Association; Houston Building Owners and Managers Association


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