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Johnny Khamis is a Lebanese-American candidate who arrived in San Jose in 1976 after leaving Lebanon with his family.  Khamis received his Bachelor’s in Business Management and Communications in 1991. He has served as Financial Advisor for Baraban Securities as well as been a member of the Santa Clara County Local Agency Formation, Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission, as well as chaired the Public Safety, Finance and Strategic Support Committee. Khamis has also been a member of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Governance and Audit Committee, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Board, and has chaired the Congestion Management Program & Planning Committee. He served as the San Jose District 10 Councilmember for 7 years, and is currently the Public Relations Consultant for the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors [4].

Key Issues


Khamis wants to build rehabilitation and mental health facilities for unhoused people. He wants to reunify families with members who may be living without homes. Khamis wants to create reintegration services such as skills training, job placement, and drug addiction programs and use them in jails. He also hopes to create a manager position for homelessness coordination. Khamis also wants to partner with faith-based organizations to help unhoused communities [1]. 


Khamis wants to work with other organizations to protect farm land. He wants to use tax money towards wildfire prevention and protection and hopes to increase solar panel usage in country buildings. He wants to continue to implement the County’s Climate Action Plan [1]. 


Khamis wants to increase bus and train routes. He wants to create environmentally sound and efficient modes of transportation [1].

Public Safety

Khamis wants to fund law enforcement officers more. He also wants to help released prisoners financially while also calling audits for formerly incarcerated people to oversee tax money spent on them [1].   


Khamis wants to increase the voice of business owners when creating laws for small business. He hopes to streamline the permitting process for small business owners [1].


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