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Joni Ricks-Oddie graduated with honors from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. She received her Master’s in Public Health/Epidemiology from the University of Michigan along with earning her Ph.D. in Epidemiology from UCLA. She currently serves as the Director of the Center for Statistical Consulting at UC Irvine where she focuses on Biostatistics and Epidemiology [2]. Ricks-Oddie was recognized by Assemblymember Mike Gipson as the 2021 Women of the Year [6].  
Ricks-Oddie has held a variety of leadership positions in organizations in Long Beach, including a membership chair for Long Beach Area Sierra Club, chair and secretary for Steering Committee in North Long Beach Budgeting Initiative, and commissioner of the Citizen police Complaint Commission. She is currently a board member of the Uptown Business District, and vice president of the Long Beach-DeForest Park Neighborhood Association. She was previously a research consultant at UCLA and the St. John’s Well Child and Family Center. Ricks-Oddie was also a research associate in Clinical Epidemiology at the LA Biomedical Research Institute, and a data scientist at UCLA [5].

Key Issues


Ricks-Oddie supports preventative measures such as ongoing rental assistance, increased access to mental health services, and streamlining access to state and federal services that reduce expenses. Ricks-Oddie wants to explore tiny homes and similar pilot programs in Los Angeles [2]. She supports the actions of Project HomeKey, which converts motels into housing options. She also hopes to make changes to zoning to increase affordable housing stock [6]. Ricks-Oddie has also advocated for transitional housing [8].


Ricks-Oddie wants to advance programs to build up small businesses, tax incentives to attract new business types, and ensure a variety of servicing businesses [2].

Public Health

Ricks-Oddie supports Cal Care and plans to expand Medicare for All on a statewide and national level . She wants to lead efforts to create a City Council Sub Committee on Public Health [2]. She also has plans to increase structural funding to the health department [6].


Ricks-Oddie supports the Parks, Recreation, and Marine Strategic Plan. She wants to further develop the North Long Beach Open Space Master Plan and increase investments in park and open space development [2]. She supports focusing on areas that are impacted by pollution from freeway traffic [4].

Civil Rights

Ricks-Oddie has previously led Health Equity conversations with the Long Beach Dept of Health and Human Services as part of the city’s Framework for Racial Equity and Reconciliation. Ricks-Oddie has also previously implemented the Black Thriving Initiative as the Director of the Statistical Consulting Center at UC Irvine [2].

Public Safety

Ricks-Oddie wants to approach the issue from a public health and social perspective. She wants to think more broadly about the context, influences, and communities of the civilians involved, including age, birthplace, and economic circumstances [2].


Ricks-Oddie believes that the challenges the pandemic has brought to the city can be tackled through greater experience in public health [3]. She also believes that the pandemic has drawn attention to the need for public health infrastructure [4].


Ricks-Oddie wants to create an Office of Data and Evaluation to analyze data for policy change. She hopes to use this to quantify time and resources needed for specific departments, including the social services department, health department, and police department [6].


California Democratic Party; Los Angeles County Democratic Party; Los Angeles  County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO; Los Angeles/Orange County Building Trades; Long Beach Firefighters Association; National Women’s Political Caucus – South Bay; Apartment Association of Southern California Cities; Women of Long Beach PAC; Los Angeles County BizFed PAC; National Union of Healthcare Workers; League of Conservation Voters; Long Beach Resister Sisters; Long Beach Police Officers Association; Painters & Allied Trades District Council 36; Teamsters Joint Council 42; Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters; Carpenters Local 562; IAM District Lodge 947; Unite HERE Local 11; United Steelworkers Local 675; Ironworkers Local 416; Ironworkers Local 433; SEIU UHW; SEIU 721; UFCW 324; UA 250; IAM Local 1930; Laborers 1309; Jeff Rowe, Neyham Neighborhood Association President; Renette Mazza, Hamilton Neighborhood Association President; Eileen Oien, St. Francis Neighborhood Association President; Ralph Brooks, Houghton Park Neighborhood Association Chair; Dan Pressburg, Deforest Park Neighborhood Association President; Juanita Doplemore, Collins Neighborhood Association President; Debra Shelton, College Square Neighborhood Association President; Dir. Laverne Duncan, Andy Street Community Association Executive; Nanette Barragán, Congresswoman; Ricardo Lara, California Insurance Commissioner; Lena Gonzalez, California State Senator; Rex Richardson, Long Beach Vice Mayor; Al Austin, Long Beach Councilmember; Cindy Allen, Long Beach Councilmember; Dr. Suely Saro, Long Beach Councilmember; Steve Neal, Long Beach Councilmember; Dr. Juan Benitez, Long Beach School Board President; Erik Miller, Long Beach School Boardmember; Uduak-Joe Ntuk, Long Beach City College Board President; Vivian Malauulu, Long Beach City College Board Trustee; Nichelle Henderson, Los Angeles City College Board Member; Carson Mayor Pro Tem Jawane Hilton; Artesia Mayor Ali Sajjad Taj; California Democratic Party; Los Angeles County Democratic Party; Long Beach Democratic Club; Yes We Can Democratic Club; Long Beach Young Democrats; Black Women Democratic Club


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