Jose Altamirano

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Jose Altamirano received two associate degrees from Sierra College, a B.A. in Applied Economics from the University of San Francisco, and an MBA from Drexel University [2]. He has worked for 32 years at the State Compensation Insurance Fund, starting as a Customer Service Representative and currently as the Business Services Operation Manager [1, 3].  Altamirano currently serves as the Chair for the UC Davis Health Community Advisory Board, secretary for Cottage Housing, apoyado (Mentor) for Nueva Época (a Latinx Leadership Program), and was a Commissioner in various capacities for the City of West Sacramento from 2015-2019. He has two daughters with his wife Angie [2].

Key Issues


Altamirano supports the promotion of uniformity and consistency in property tax assessments within the district and throughout the state [1]. He wants to increase constituent awareness of their rights as taxpayers and what the BOE does [3].


California Democratic Party; Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee; Southern California Armenian Democrats.


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