Josh McKay

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Josh McKay received his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and his MBA from Georgia State University. McKay is a former engineer and the owner of The Test Experts, a tutoring group for high schoolers. He is an active member of Cross Pointe Church [1].

Key Issues


McKay aims to shrink the government’s role, especially by decreasing regulations. He plans to give the private sector more power [1]. Additionally, McKay is a proponent of congressional term limits [3].


McKay is a vocal supporter of small businesses, and plans to stop incentivizing big businesses [1].

Reproductive Rights

McKay identifies as pro-life, opposing abortion. However, he emphasizes the importance of caring for unwanted children and single parents, through cooperation with faith-based organizations and nonprofits to promote adoption [1]. 

Gun Policy

McKay supports the 2nd Amendment and promises to ensure that any limitations on gun ownership do not impact law-abiding gun owners [1].


McKay supports educational legislation that has recently been passed, especially to unmask students and the Parents’ Bill of Rights. He also endorses school choice, and hopes to solve the problems that the pandemic created within school systems [1].


McKay hopes to balance voting accessibility with election integrity. He backs election changes that have recently been made, such as indoor drop boxes and allowing the GBI to investigate fraud. He aims to continue these changes, searching for and closing election loopholes.


Citizens for a Greater Georgia


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