Josh McLaurin

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Josh McLaurin attended the University of Georgia and received his law degree from Yale University. Currently, he practices law at the firm Krevolin + Horst, which is located in Atlanta. 
Currently, McLaurin has been a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, representing District 51 since 2019. He is a part of many committees, including Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight, Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications, Judiciary Non-Civil, and Special Rules [2].

Key Issues

Criminal Justice

McLaurin has sponsored legislation that would eliminate felony disenfranchisement. He also does not believe a minor accused of a violent crime should be prosecuted as an adult [5][7].

Reproductive Rights

McLaurin identifies as pro-choice [5].


McLaurin supports tax increases in order to balance Gerogia’s budget. He does not support balancing proposals such as reducing benefits for Medicaid recipients or reducing state employee salaries [5]. 


McLaurin supports an increase of the minimum wage in Georgia [5].


McLaurin wants to expand access to unemployment benefits [5].

Gun Policy

McLaurin generally supports gun-control legislation, and believes background checks should be required on gun sales [5]. 


McLaurin believes in expanding Medicaid in order to make healthcare more affordable. He also believes in increased funding for state medical facilities and hospitals in rural areas [5].


Fair Fight [4]; Georgia Chamber of Commerce; Georgia Representative Lucy McBath [6]


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