Josh Uddin

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Josh Uddin earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University [2]. He is the former executive secretary of the Asian-Pacific American Council of Georgia and a former president of the North Gwinnett Rotary Club. Uddin is the president of the Bangladeshi American Association of Georgia and a Board Member of the Bangladeshi American Chamber of Commerce [1].

Key Issues


Uddin wants to expand Medicaid and reduce maternal mortality [2].


Reproductive Rights

Uddin is pro-choice and supports access to reproductive healthcare [1].


Uddin supports fully funding our schools and increasing teacher pay. He supports access to apprenticeship and job training programs, and fully supports AP classes, dual enrollment, and other hybrid solutions. Uddin opposes efforts to eliminate vaccine requirements in schools. He believes higher education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or financial circumstances. Uddin supports restoring the cuts to the Hope Scholarship program, and efforts to get tuition costs and student loan debt under control [1].



Uddin supports a long-term suspension of the gas tax until prices return to normal, increasing the homestead exemption to lower property taxes, and using the state’s budget surplus to provide a substantial tax rebate of at least $500 to every Georgia taxpayer. Uddin wants every Georgia worker to have paid family leave, a minimum wage that reflects the cost of living in our state, and affordable childcare. Uddin will advocate for occupational licensing reform, investments in broadband internet, and the promotion of international trade relationships [1].


Fair Fight, Vote Pro-Choice, Safe Communities Coalition, Progressive Turnout Project, United Campus Workers of Georgia, Charlie Bailey [1]


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