Joshua Throneburg

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Throneburg is an ordained minister in Charlottesville and owns Nooks & Crannies Cleaning. He grew up in a rural farming community.

Key Issues


Throneburg supports the Green New Deal and creation of union jobs in renewable energy to transition to all-renewable energy. He wants to increase innovation in green energy technology and manufacturing and supports a progressive corporate tax on all carbon emissions from energy conglomerates. Throneburg also supports using financial incentives for localities that opt not to extract their natural resources, which could provide funding for Pittsylvania County to invest in resources other than uranium. He wants to improve infrastructure investments and provide funding to help local governments bury power lines, replace aging, brittle asphalt with permeable pavers, and build seawalls. Lastly, Throneburg supports expanding funding for Federal Transit Administration Grants to fund investments in light rail.


Throneburg supports Medicare for All. He also wants to expand funding to the Community Health Center Fund; increase FTC regulation of healthcare monopolies; mandate that all federal healthcare programs cover preventative mental health services, dental care, vision, and hearing; end abusive debt collection practices; write off overdue medical bills; and allow Medicare to negotiate prices for prescription drugs.

Rural Economy

Throneburg supports investing in rural economies by consolidating federal services for rural programs under a single agency, providing grants to develop and rehabilitate rural infrastructure, passing the Neighborhood Homes Tax Credit, developing rural hospitals into healthcare hubs, funding rural hospitals through fixed yearly budgets, and expanding broadband with the ReConnect program. With regards to education in rural regions, Throneburg supports reducing schools’ carbon footprints, investing in high-speed broadband, and rebuilding schools.


Throneburg wants to combat racial inequities and enact criminal justice reform. He supports providing low-interest loans to homebuyers of color, providing grants to rehabilitate existing infrastructure, passing the Neighborhood Homes Tax Credits, reducing housing discrimination, increasing capital for BIPOC entrepreneurs through the Small Business Administration, and assisting first-generation college students apply for and pay for college. He also wants to invest in HBCUs, expand Pell Grants for students attending HBCUs, make community college free, study the decriminalization of marijuana, require state agencies to report data on police deaths and shootings, and expand FOIA access to increase police accountability.


Throneburg supports increasing federal support for equitable access to quality child care and universal pre-K, expanding eligibility for Pell grants, capping interest rates on student loans at 2%, expanding the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, and making community college free. He also wants to expand TEACH grants, develop federally-backed pensions for public school teachers, employ construction workers to rebuild schools, develop family resource hubs within school buildings with access to medical and social services, and expand broadband with the ReConnect program.


Throneburg supports investing in community health partnerships, restoring funds for Medicaid and Medicare, reworking VA policies around coverage for members of the reserve component, dedicating resources for female veterans, expanding coverage for mental health services, training mental health professionals, expanding the Veterans Burn Pits Exposure Recognition Act of 2021, and ensuring that immigrant veterans complete naturalization before their service ends.


Throneburg supports the right to abortion. He wants to pass a permanent family and medical leave law such as the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) act, expand Medicaid to cover pregnant people throughout pregnancy and through the first year after pregnancy, expand sustainable funding streams to community-based organizations to help improve maternal health and mortality rates, and increase federal support for equitable access to quality child care. He looks to create statutory rights that protect safe abortion care, ensure that private health insurance providers cover contraceptive methods without out-of-pocket costs, streamline federal adoption subsidies, and expand programs to help families adopt children with medical needs or sibling relationships.


Throneburg supports building interstate background checks, requiring gun sellers to certify that gun buyers have secure home firearm storage, passing the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, banning permitless carry nationwide, adding legislative power to the DOJ’s community-based violence intervention and prevention efforts, extending the current ARP funding for community violence intervention programs, and funding CDC research into gun violence prevention.

Disability Rights

Throneburg supports targeting grants to states to improve access to public spaces for people with disabilities, reforming the current income cap and asset limit for people with disabilities, ending the subminimum wage for people with disabilities, phasing out sheltered workshops, expanding targeted education and training for disabled job seekers, educating business owners who can expand hiring practices, and funding vocational rehabilitation programs like Individual Placement and Support.


Throneburg wants to support small farms. He wants to carve out tax protections within the estate tax for small family farms, rework the farm policy to enable small farms to explore sustainable practices and direct-to-consumer models, increase access to low-interest, federally backed microloans and cost-share support, and extend protections for agricultural land historically farmed by black and indigenous people.


Bridgette Craighead, 2021 Democratic Nominee, VA HD-9; Claire Russo 2020 Candidate, CD-5; Brian Pinkston Charlottesville City Council; Heather Hill Former Charlottesville Vice Mayor; Rachel Levy 2021 Democratic Nominee, VA HD-55; Sara Ratcliffe, Candidate for HD-62 and 2021 Democratic Nominee for HD-58; Juandiego Wade, Charlottesville Vice Mayor and four-term member, CPS School Board


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