JR Wright

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


JR Wright attended Mesa Public Schools. Wright served on the Mesa Public Schools Planning and Boundary committee for 3 years, creating development plans and making recommendations to the Governing Board. He is the Booster Club President at Westwood High School. Wright owns a small business [1]. Wright has volunteered as a leader for the Boy Scouts of America and coaches for the Westwood Little League [3]. 

Key Issues


Wright does not want to interfere with teachers or administrators’ work. He plans to make recombinations and provide insight [2]. To address teacher and staff shortages, Wright plans to promote Mesa Public Schools [2]. 


Wright wants schools to continue adapting by using technology to ensure graduates are prepared for the changing job markets. He views technology and the ability for the budget to allow for technology in the classroom is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the governing board [2]. When asked about his stance on inclusion, critical race theory, and equity, Wright stated he wants all students to have a “safe and accepting place“ at school [2]. 



Wright wants to maintain the low tax rates. He supports current school vouchers as they help ensure public schools remain competitive; however, he wants public education to be the focus of the state legislators [2].


Wright does not have a personal platform or agenda as he believes they interfere with the governing board’s ability to work together.


Jenny Richardson, Current President Mesa School Board; Dr. Jim Zaharis,
Former Superintendent of Mesa Public Schools; Dr. Mike Cowan, Former Superintendent of Mesa Public Schools; Steve Peterson, Former Mesa School Board Member; Roc Arnett, Former CEO East Valley Partnership; Beth Coons, Former Mesa Woman of the Year and former Mesa School Board Member; Mike Hughes, CEO of A New Leaf and Former Mesa School Board Member; Dave Richins, CEO United Food Bank and Former City Councilman; John Giles, Mesa Mayor; Claudia Walters, Former Vice Mayor and Mesa School Board member; Don and Kathy Stapley, Former Maricopa County Supervisor; Elaine Miner, Former Mesa School Board President; Delight & Brian Clark, President of The Mesa Public Schools Foundation; Scott Smith, Former Mesa Mayor; Mark Freeman, District 1 Mesa City Councilmember; Julie Spilsbury, District 2 Mesa City Councilmember


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