Kailee Caruso

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Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Caruso is a graduate of CSULB with a Master’s in Public Policy. She is currently a program administrator at nonprofit Safe Place for Youth focused on assisting homeless and pregnant/parenting youth in LA County. She is also a member of the Lowell PTA Board, working to increase cultural representation and equity in classrooms and curriculum. Additionally, Caruso is a community organizer who has worked with groups like Show Up for Racial Justice LB, coordinated community trainings, and conversations on issues such as racial equity, climate resiliency, LB and LA County ballot measures, and more. [1]

Key Issues


Caruso intends to campaign for rent decreases specifically for locally owned businesses with out-of-town landlords if elected to office. She also wants to continue working on relationships with property owners to increase the sustainability of local business ownership while simultaneously providing tenants for empty storefront properties. She also believes that the city needs to implement measures to address noise and congestion issues in residential areas as small businesses grow in quantity. [1]

Climate Change

Caruso believes the city of Long Beach should prioritize using solar and battery for city properties when possible, ensuring road infrastructure is sustainable (ex: using recycled rubber), and planting drought-resistant trees. She also supports increasing investments/efforts in 3D Printed Housing, Green Bonds, and plant-based energy options. In terms of transportation, Caruso believes the Transportation Department should expand their environmental projects, plan for more zero-emission cars by 2035 and install public and private charging stations. She also supports the city’s current Climate Action and Adaptation Plan 2 and believes all new developments should surpass LEED standards. [1]


Caruso stresses long-term prevention systems and assistance programs (housing, financial, etc.). She believes establishing a Department of Mental Health in LB could bring funding, resources, jobs and improved mental health outcomes for generations to come. Caruso thinks that the first step in addressing homelessness on a micro-level is assessing individuals in safe places to determine the root cause of their situation, such as a hospital or rehabilitation facility and then a shelter/other transitional living. [1]


Caruso believes the city should explore and potentially purchase new options for housing development such as vacant lots, abandoned buildings, underutilized space, etc. She also supports encouraging developers to build affordable yet sustainable housing and further exploring the feasibility of large-scale projects with long-term efficient housing designs. To decrease the current cost of housing, Caruso believes the city should consider rent controls in certain locations and restrict the amount of rental homes individuals can own. [1]

Public Safety

Caruso thinks it is “financially irresponsible’’ to continue increasing the police budget according to data that proves law enforcement-led efforts do not decrease crime, and believes that more resources should be allocated to the Fire Department and other prevention initiatives instead. She believes that investing in education, mental health services, job stability, after-school programs, etc. will help the city achieve long-term, preventive and comprehensive public safety. [1]


Long Beach Young Democrats; Yes We Can Democratic Club; Register Sisters; Women of Long Beach PAC; Knock LA


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