Kandiss Taylor

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Kandiss Taylor was born in Baxley, Georgia. She received her bachelor’s, masters, and specialist’s degree in education from Georgia Southern University. She also received a Ph.D. from Regent University. Taylor served as the county leader in Ben Carson’s presidential campaign. 
Kandiss Taylor served in the public education department for 17 years, first as a 3rd grade teacher and then as a school counselor. Taylor claims to be running as someone with conservative and anti-establishment views, and as a true representative of “We the People.”

Key Issues

Gun Rights

Taylor believes that every Georgian has the right to maintain their constitutional right to bear arms. She has stated that establishing a constitutional carry will be her first order of business given she is elected Georgia Governor


Taylor believes that subjects such as Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sex Education should not be taught in school. She plans to establish a school environment rooted in patriotism.

Election Reform

Taylor believes in election integrity. She plans to reform elections by removing absentee ballots, drop boxes, and Dominion machines. She plans to implement paper ballots only when voting.


Taylor is pro-life. She believes that life begins at conception, and plans to criminalize abortion when there is proof of pregnancy. 


Taylor believes that ICE is doing their job, and that the immigration process is running how it should be. She plans to remove sanctuary cities/counties in Georgia, and wants to protect Georgia’s port of entry.


Taylor wants to expand Georgia’s infrastructure and development. She believes that agriculture is the basis of Georgia’s economy, and plans to improve aid for farmers and the agriculture industry.


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