Karen Healy-Case

Key Facts

Party Conservative
Status Challenger


Karen Healy-Case is a private-sector securities expert, mother, and District Chief for @BPDAlerts.

Key Issues

Public Safety

Healy-Case wants to do whatever it takes to keep families safe and according to her, that includes standing up to Albany politicians and those who want to ‘defund the police’.

Second Amendment

Healy-Case promises tougher gun laws and the non-enforcement of certain Safe Act items.


Healy-Case believes that Erie County Sheriff’s deputies are not for any elected official’s personal police force.

Constitutional Rights

Healy-Case will enforce the rule of law and stand up against Albany politicians who pass unjust laws.

Small Businesses

Healy-Case supports business and will go against bureaucrats who want to shut down businesses.


Michael Caputo, Grand Island Town Board Member; Entire Eden Town Board; Former Assemblyman Ray Walter; All Republican & Conservative Parties Members of the Erie County Legislature; Healy-Case’s Mother