Karen S. Greenhalgh

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


Greenhalgh is a businesswomen and mother in Virginia Beach, VA. She founded a cabinet manufacturing company titled Heritage WoodWorks in 1987, which had over 30 employees and $5 million in annual sales. Greenhalgh has also worked as a Clinic Manager at the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Virginia and founded Cyber Tygr, a healthcare privacy and cybersecurity company [1, 2, 3, 6].

Greenhalgh has served as Virginia’s delegate for District 85 since 2022 and is currently running for re-election in the re-districted District 97. Greenhalgh serves on the Education, Finance, and Public Safety committees in the Virginia General Assembly [1, 2, 5].

Key Issues


Greenhalgh wants to improve workforce development programs and job opportunities for the people of Virginia [1].

Public Safety

Greenhalgh wants to give law enforcement and first responders raises as well as repeal the crime legislation passed by the previous General Assembly [1].

Reproductive Rights

Greenhalgh wants to limit elective abortion to 15 weeks with reasonable exceptions and help provide the resources necessary for mothers to care for their children [1].


Greenhalgh wants to refocus schools’ priorities back on the children and improve educational standards for all backgrounds [1].


Greenhalgh wants to cut income taxes in Virginia and reduce utility bills amid rising inflation and costs [1].


Greenhalgh wants to divert resources from projects in Northern Virginia to fix 64, expand the HRBT, and find a solution to the flooding [1].


Greenhalgh wants to end taxes on military retirement benefits and support the Veteran’s Promise Initiative to help veterans return to citizen life [1].


VA Delegate Glenn Davis, VA Senator Bill DeSteph, VBSB Jennifer Franklin, and President of Insurance Consultants of Tidewater, George Milton


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