Karla A. Justice

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Karla Justice received her degree in Political Science and International Business from George Mason University. After university, Justice became the General Manager of the Occoquan Harbor Marina, which managed small businesses in Occoquan County. Justice is currently an executive at a local business [1, 4].

Key Issues


Justice feels tax inflation impacts the well-being of small businesses in Occoquan. She supports tax breaks for families in order to alleviate that effect [1, 3].


Justice wants to protect the environment of Occoquan. Specifically, Justice focuses on the Occoquan River Basin and providing safe drinking facilities for families in Occoquan. Justice looks at alternate solutions to solve problems, such as minimizing the impact of everyday functions on the ecosystem [1, 3].


Prince William County Republican Committee


1 Justice for Occoquan
2 Virginia Public Access Project
3 Potomac Local
4 LinkedIn