Karrin Taylor Robson

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Robson was born and raised in Mesa and went to ASU for college, studying in law school and earning multiple degrees. She used to work with the Biskind, Hunt & Semro, PLC, which is a law firm based in Phoenix. Later on, she founded Arizona Strategies, a land-use strategy company. She has worked with the Arizona Aerospace Institute and the Mesa Proving Ground to help the military. Because of this, Robson was appointed to the Board of Regents by Governor Doug Ducey. She has been part of the Arizona Board of Regents since mid-2017 and is secretary of the board chair of a Finance Committee.

Key Issues


Robson hopes to develop more land in Arizona for commercial use and increased infrastructure. Robson also hopes to increase the dynamics of the economy and make it more diverse.


Robson hopes to improve the education system through accessibility for different types of learners.

Property Rights

Robson hopes to protect the property rights of Arizonians and increase the value of real estate.


Robson wants a robust and strong military in Arizona. She seeks to provide more support for individuals in the army.


Robson wants to advance balanced federal environmental law and policy on endangered species acts and wetlands issues.




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