Kathryn Royer

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Kathryn Royer earned a B.A. in Telecommunications from Indiana University Bloomington. She has held a variety of roles in PR, media, and communications, including: Director of Public Affairs for CBS Corporation, Communication Services Manager at Northern Indiana Public Services Co., and Associate General Manager of Communications and Public Affairs at Central Arizona Project.  Royer was first elected as Cave Creek City council member in 2018 and has served since then.

Key Issues


Royer is concerned about declining water resources and wants to prioritize water conservation efforts and increase underground water storage. Previously, Royer worked with the Central Arizona Project and city council to finalize agreements to store water in underground basins and budget funds to execute the water banking plan. She wants to work with Council members Morris and Mcguire to promote policies regarding water conservation and drought preparation [4].

Public Safety

While serving on the city council, Royer supported the creation of the first Cave Creek fire station [3].


While serving on the city council, Royer opposed business propositions in local neighborhoods because of noise, zoning, and traffic. She wants to prioritize preserving open spaces, and supported preserving Harmony Hollow, a part of the Sonoran Desert, in her 2nd term in council [3].


Royer stated that she advocates for transparent government and wants to engage with the public by hiring new volunteers to committees. She also wants to improve communication by email to inform residents efficiently [2].


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