Kathy Littlefield

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Kathy Littlefield has a bachelor’s degree in business education from Arizona State University. Littlefield has served on the Scottsdale City Council as a council member beginning in 2015. Outside of the city council, Littlefield has managed NetXpert Systems, Inc., a Scottsdale-based computer company. Littlefield has previously been the Treasurer of Arizona Legislative District 23 Republican Committee and a Republican Precinct Committeeman. She is involved with Daughters of the American Revolution and the Mayflower Society organizations [2].

Key Issues


Littlefield opposes unwanted and harmful development in her constituents’ neighborhoods. She opposed the DDC/Desert EDGE project and supported Proposition 420, both positions that prevent development in the Preserve region [1]. Littlefield supports water conservation efforts and wants to prevent high density developments while in the current water crisis. She claims overdevelopment is the most pressing problem for Scottsdale, which is why she opposes the general plan update (Prop. 463) [4, 5].


Littlefield is a fiscal conservative, supporting low taxes and eliminating government fraud and waste [1].

Public Safety

Littlefield claims keeping her constituents safe is her first priority. She supports using Human Services to help everyone in the community. Littlefield has previously supported fundraisers including with the Wheel Inn Ranch which helped move trailer park residents to new homes [1].


Littlefield wants to attract new businesses and events to Scottsdale. She values small businesses and the art and culture in Scottsdale [1].


Littlefield supports the current ordinances regarding Short Term Rentals which require a contact to be available to go to the house if there is a violation and prohibits using the properties for non-residential purposes. She supports partnerships with Phoenix Rescue Mission and faith-based organizations to provide work and other resources to Scottsdale’s homeless. Littlefield wants to support current residential subdivisions and Home Owner’s Associations to increase the amount of available and affordable housing [4].


Littlefield supports Scottsdale’s non-discrimination policy and wants to ensure all parties that work with Scottsdale maintain the same standards. She has withheld approval for a GreatHearts facility because of their anti-transgender policies [7].


Police Officers of Scottsdale Association (POSA) and Barry Graham.


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