Kay Kirkpatrick

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


Kay Kirkpatrick earned a B.S. in biology from the University of Kentucky and an M.D. from the University of Louisville [5]. She has represented District 32 in the Georgia State Senate since 2017 and currently chairs the Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security Committee.

Kirkpatrick is involved in multiple organizations such as the Georgia Joint Defense Commission and Commission on Family Violence. She serves as District Coordinator for the Medical Association of Georgia’s Medical Reserve Corps.

Prior to her political career, Kirkpatrick worked as an orthopedic hand surgeon for three decades. She is currently a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and Georgia Orthopedic Society [1] [6].

Key Issues


Kirkpatrick supports combatting surprise billing, telemedicine, emergency prescriptions, and transparency to consumers. She prioritizes maternal mortality legislation. Kirkpatrick opposes expanding Medicaid but wants to maintain benefits for those utilizing it [6].

Reproductive Rights

Kirkpatrick is pro-life but believes that abortion should be legal when pregnancy results from sexual assault [6].


Kirkpatrick advocates for protection of healthcare workers during the pandemic [6].


Kirkpatrick believes in raising the age for tobacco to 21 and supports assisting those in substance abuse recovery [6].


Kirkpatrick helped to establish a local Veterans Education Career Transition Resource Center [6].


Kirkpatrick promotes reducing standardized testing and fair treatment in teacher evaluations [6].


Kirkpatrick advocates for maintaining services for seniors [6].

Public Safety

Kirkpatrick prioritizes addressing domestic violence, having worked on legislation to prevent dual arrests in these cases [6].


Kirkpatrick is against an independent or bipartisan commission dedicated to redistricting and for photo ID requirements to vote [6].

Criminal Justice

Kirkpatrick does not support marijuana legalization and capital punishment. She is in favor of minors accused of violent crimes being tried as adults [6].


Kirkpatrick is in favor of local police enforcing federal immigration laws and denying in-state tuition to illegal immigrants at public universities [6].


Kirkpatrick promotes including sexual orientation in anti-discrimination laws [6].


Kirkpatrick opposes taking down Confederate monuments from public spaces [6].

Gun Policy

Kirkpatrick is against gun control legislation but believes that all firearms should be registered [1] [6].


Georgia Chamber of Commerce [4]; National Rifle Association; National Federation for Independent Business [6]


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