Keli Gambrill

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


Keli Gambrill has a B.A. in Accounting and Finance. She has served in her seat as District 1 Commissioner for 13 years. She has been appointed to committees such as the Stout Park Steering Committee and the 2040 Comprehensive Land Use Plan Committee [2]. Gambrill has experience in housing and zoning committees. Notable positions include being a member of P.L.A.N. (People Looking After Neighborhoods), including serving as president of the organization for 6 years. She has previously been employed at various local small businesses [1].

Key Issues


Gambrill believes that Cobb County’s stimulus funds worth $100 million should be distributed to county employees rather than constructing housing [4].


Gambrill is against making Juneteenth a holiday for county employees [5].


Gambrill supports lowered budgets, and she voted against Cobb County’s current budget of $1.2 billion [6].


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