Kelvin King

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Kelvin King was raised in Mableton, GA. He attended the United States Air Force Academy where he was an All-Conference football player. He graduated from the Academy and served 5 years in the Air Force. After completing his service, he began working with a construction firm before starting his own, Osprey Management. King and his wife Janelle founded “Speak Georgia”, an organization designed to educate and provide resources to the community directly from experts.

Key Issues

Reproductive Rights

King is Pro-Life and believes that life begins at conception. Kelvin King supports the reversal of Roe v. Wade, which is a court case that decriminalizes abortion.

Election Integrity

King supports voter IA requirements and eliminating absentee ballots. He believes that states should have the autonomy to conduct their own elections without mandate from the federal government.

Gun Rights

King believes in defending the 2nd Amendment, and has a deep respect for firearms. He would not support any legislation that infringes on the 2nd Amendment.


King believes in cutting federal spending by eliminating agencies he believes to be engaging in unconstitutional regulation (IRS, EPA, etc.). He wants to prioritize spending on defense and the U.S. military. King also believes in eliminating federal taxes and replacing them with a consumption-based tax, which is a tax imposed on goods, services, and items sold. This differs from an income tax, which is imposed on earnings.

Immigration/ Foreign Policy

King supports the building of a wall around the Capitol to protect politicians. He also stands with Israel in its current border crisis, and aims to foster United States-Israel relations