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Kerry Baker graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in both Special Education and Elementary Education. Baker was a former teacher and taught self-contained emotionally disabled students, self-contained autism students, general education first grade, and junior high resource at Peoria Unified School District and Dysart Unified School District [1].

Key Issues


Baker wants to prevent the banning of books within school districts. She believes it creates a harmful distorted version of history that hinders the development of perspectives within students’ minds. Moreover, Baker hopes to create an inclusive learning environment, especially in regards with those who have been diagnosed with autism. As a board member, she wants to assist staff in immersing autistic children to have the same access to education, activities, clubs, and social interactions. She hopes to see an expansion of social emotional learning within the campuses of the school district [2].


Baker is against district spending limits and universal voucher expansions which are taxpayer-funded vouchers that allow students to attend private schools. She believes in keeping these funds within public school systems rather than private schools. Furthermore, Baker wants to address declining enrollment and shortage of paras and bus drivers [1]. Baker wants to allocate more funds towards higher salaries for teachers and smaller class sizes to increase teacher retention and to also improve the students’ learning environment [2]. 


Baker was in agreement with the COVID-19 decisions made by Paradise Valley Unified School District. Baker views them as very difficult decisions and was glad to see the district prioritizing the safety of children [2].

Gun Policy

Baker says she believes in sensible gun laws. She values the safety of students and wants to educate students to understand the dangers of guns. She does not want to take away people’s guns, but her experience from a shooting has made her want to increase awareness and education on the issue [2].



Baker wants to provide the perspective of a parent with children who are members of the LGBTQIA+ Community. She is supportive of their identity and believes it is very important to her to be able to have a voice for those students. One of the main points of protecting this community for her, is not banning books, especially those of the LGBTQIA+ experience. She believes that the decision should be left to the student and the parent to determine whether a book is appropriate[2]. 


Save Our Schools Arizona, Moms Demand Action


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