Kevin Dahl

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Race Ward 3
Status Challenger


Kevin Dahl, raised in Arizona, was the son of a World War II veteran and a working mother. He went to public school and has always been fascinated with the environment. Due to this, he has been making an impact since high school, where he led a student group dedicated to recycling and awareness. At 14 years old, he stood before Congress for the first time with a proposition to expand the Grand Canyon National Park. Dahl completed college and became as a superintendent for Pima County, later becoming Executive Director off the Tuscon Audubon Society, an organization based on environmental justice. Now, he is a senior Arizona Program Manager for the National Parks Conservation Association and is a published author of local agriculture and conservation.

Key Issues


Kevin Dahl is determined to reduce climate change impacts in Arizona through increased awareness and accessibility for renewable services.


He strives to keep the people safe from COVID-19 and distribute more vaccines.


Due to the impact of COVID-19 on Arizona’s population, Dahl wants to help recover the economy so that everyone is better off.

Public Services

Kevin is adamant about improving public services through increased park and road investments as well as implementing better public transportation.


Kevin Dahl has received endorsements from: Arizona Plumbers and Pipefitters UA Local 469, Arizona Working Families Party, Pima Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, Communication Workers of America, Local 7000, Communication Workers of America, Arizona State Council, and United Campus Workers of Arizona Local 7065 (UCW-AZ).