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Jensen received his Bachelor’s degree in Management from Saint Mary’s College of California in 2003. He went on to get his Master of Arts in Leadership from Saint Mary’s College of California in 2004. Jensen also attended the FBI National Academy. Jensen was formerly an Assistant Chief and Captain in Santa Clara County and is currently an Instructor for the South Bay Regional Public Safety and Training Consortium [1,2]. Jensen has also served as Board and Vice President for the FBI San Francisco Citizens Academy Alumni Association as well as the President for the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association [2].

Key Issues


Jensen wants to increase access to Sherriff’s Office personnel for unhoused people. He wants to work with other agencies, faith-based, community members, and not-for-profit organizations to help homeless communities. Jensen hopes to create a homeless advocate program with diversion programs including mental health services, drug/alcohol rehabilitation and reintegration services [1]. 


Jensen wants to have access to drug abuse treatment in communities. He wants to increase education available to students about drugs and prosecute those who supply or distribute drugs [1]. 

Public Safety

Jensen wants to analyze crime problems through in-person and online presentations. He wants to use community partnerships and address short-staffing problems by including underprivileged community members [1].

Gun Policy

Jensen wants to implement a firearm issuance process. He wants gun purchasers to apply for an application and meet requirements before they can obtain a CCW permit [1].

Criminal Justice

Jensen wants to employ law enforcement personnel from many cultures. He wants to increate inter-agency collaboration and develop private sector partnerships within the community [1]. 


Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriff’s Association; Santa Clara County Correctional Peac Officers Association; San Jose Police Officer’s Association; Gilroy Police Officer’s Association; Morgan Hill Police Officers’ Association; Los Altos Peace Officers’ Association; Miltipas Police Officers’ Association; Peace Officers Research Association (PORAC); Santa Clara County Firefighters International Association of Firefighters Local 1165; Sunnyvale Public Safety Officers Association; Los Gatos Police Officers’ Association; Los Gatos Police Officers Association; Santa Clara County Reserve Deputy Sheriffs’ Association; Santa Clara Police Officers’ Association; Santa Clara County Park Rangers’ Association; Women Leaders in Law Enforcement; Santa Cruz County Deputy Sherriff’s Association; San Mateo County Deputy Sherriff’s Association; County Employees Management Association; South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council; UA Local Union 393; Palo Alto Online; Los Altos Town Crier; Crime Victims United; Hon. Dave Cortese: Senator, State of California;  Hon. Mike Wasserman: Supervisor, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, President of Board; Hon. Blanca Alvarado: Supervisor, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors (Ret.); Hon. Magdalena Carrasco: San Jose City Council; Hon. Judy Chirco: City of San Jose (Vice Mayor) (Ret.); Hon. Bob Winter: Santa Clara County Sheriff Office (S.C.C.S.O.), Sheriff, (Ret.); Hon. Dolores Carr: Fmr Santa Clara County District Attorney, Superior Court Judge (Ret.); Hon. Don Gage: Former Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Chair and Gilroy Mayor; Hon. Johnny Khamis: San Jose City Council; Hon. Marie Blankley: Mayor of Gilroy; Hon. Greer Stone: Palo Alto City Council; Hon. Rich Tran: Mayor City of Milpitas; Hon. Armando Gomez; Former Vice Mayor City of Milpitas; Hon. Manuel Valerio: Former Mayor Sunnyvale CA; Hon. Raymond Davilla, Jr.: Santa Clara County Superior Court (Ret.); Hon. Refugio Llamas: Los Banos City Council; Hon Swanee Edwards: Santa Clara County Elections Commissioner, State Democratic Delegate for Senate District 17; Hon. Steve Lodge: Chief of Police, Santa Clara PD (Ret.); Chief Pat Nikolai: Elected, Chief of Police City of Santa Clara; Carl Guadino: Fmr CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group*; Reverend Jethro Moore II: Past President, NAACP San Jose/Silicon Valley; Greg Finch: Chief of Police, Campbell PD (Ret.); Ron Levine: Chief of Police, Foothill/DeAnza PD (Ret.); Gina Hayes de Napoli: Chief, San Jose State University (Ret.); Lynn Johnson: Palo Alto P.D. Chief (Ret.); John Hirokawa: Department of Corrections Chief (Ret.); Bob Wilson: S.C.C.S.O. Undersheriff (Ret.); Dennis Bacon: S.C.C.S.O. Undersheriff (Ret.); Skip Shervington: S.C.C.S.O. Assistant Sheriff (Ret.); Ed Flores: S.C.C. Department of Correction CHIEF (Ret.); Dennis Burns: Palo Alto P.D. Chief (Ret.); Scot Smithee: Gilroy P.D. Chief (Ret.); Bob Brennan: Atherton Chief (Ret.); Lucy Carlton: Los Altos P.D. Chief (Ret.); Robert J. Silano: Director, Board Vice President, Menlo Park Fire Protection District; Esther Peralez-Dieckmann; Silicon Valley Community Leader; Mark Klaas: Father of Polly Klaas, Missing-Child Advocate; Ed Kressy: Author/Speaker, FBI Directors Community Leadership Award; Sanford D. Mangold: Colonel, USAF (Ret.) Executive Director, FBINCAAA (Ret.) Adjunct Professor (Emergency Management), University of Nevada Las Vegas; Angela Borricua Tirado: “The Voice Of San Jose”; Ann Ravel: Santa Clara County Counsel (Ret.)/Ca Fair Political Practices Commission 8-3-21; Frank Carbajal: Founder Of Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit; Marcel Pajuelo-Schwartz, Ph.D.: Fmr. Human Relation Commission Santa Clara County; Omar Torres: San Jose Evergreen Community College District Board Of Trustees; Max Bosel: Mt. View P.D. Chief (Ret.); Jessica Nowaski: Deputy Police Chief, Mountain View Pd (Ret.); Jim Ortega: Sac. S.O. Capt. (Ret.); Dale Unger: S.C.C.S.O. Capt. (Ret.); Mark Eastus: S.C.C.S.O. Captain (Ret.); T.K. Davis: S.C.C. Captain (Ret.); Kevin Rumley: Reserve Captain, 39 Yr Sccso; Catherine Wayne: Ca Highway Patrol Area Commander (Ret.); Bob Cooke: Special Agent In Charge, Ca Department Of Justice (Ret.); Ben Fairow: Bart Pd Assistant Chief (Ret.); Scott Savage: S.J.P.D. Capt (Ret.) ; Octavia T. Parker: San Diego S.O. Captain (Ret.); Alana Forest: Los Gatos P.D. Captain (Ret.); Blanca Hoyt: Captain, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office (Ret.); Teresa A. Reagle: California Department Of Corrections And Rehabilitation Division Of Adult Institutions, Regional Director, (Ret.); Jose Salcido: Santa Clara County Dsa Past President; Joe Lajeunesse: Santa Clara County Deputy (Ret.2018), Former Candidate For Sheriff, Major, Army (Retired); Max Santiago: California Highway Patrol, Deputy Commissioner (Ret.); Steve Cushing: S.C.C.S.O. Undersheriff (Ret.); John B. Carr, Sr.: Lieutenant San Jose Police Department (Ret.); Steve Mello: Mountain View Pd Sgt. (Ret.); Ted Atlas: Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. (Ret.); Barbara Ponze: Retired President Cpoa; Arita Christian: S.C.C. Exec. Sec. Superior Court; Craig Chew: Alameda D.A. Chief Investigator; Tom Brewer: S.C.C. D.A. Chief Investigator (Ret.); Roger Higby: Modesto P.D. Sgt. / Nasa P.D. Lt. (Ret); John Costa: Palo Alto P.D. Sgt. (Ret.); Elvie Barron Teodoro: Ceo, Evergreen School Of Music And Arts; Fe Casem: Co-Owner Realtor, Ibis Realty; Agnes Burwell: CEO All About Seniors; Adriano Naderi: President, Nurse Builders Academy; Steve Ferdin: Fugitive Watch Ceo; Christopher R. Carroll: Ceo Copenbarger And Copenbarger Llp; Rashad M. Said: Frmr Exec Director & Owner, Advanced Vocational Institute, Work2future, City Of San Jose; Sandra Sanchez Varelas: Financial Services & Tax Preparation; Rick Robles: Adult Program Manager, Equus Workforce Solutions, San Jose; Jose Fabian Cano: Office Supervisor, Dhl Supply Chain, Livermore Ca; Isaac Vargas: Phlebotomist Saint Louise Regional Hospital, Gilroy Ca; Ellison Yufenyuy: Frmr Law Enforcement Officer, Foreign Language Professor At Gilroy Unified School District, Gilroy Ca; Jim Gillio: Gilroy Police Captain (Ret.), Prior San Benito County Supervisor; Brian Rauschhuber: Campaign Mgr Kevin Jensen For Sheriff 2022/2014, Former, Apple Executive Ww Operations (Ret.); Anthony E. Zuiker: Creator Of The Tv Phenomenon CSI


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