Kevin Thompson

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Kevin Thompson graduated from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Thompson is a former veteran, having served 8 years in the US Air Force. He’s held multiple positions at Southwest Gas Corporation and as a project engineer at Berry Global, Inc. [2]. He has served Mesa City Council member since 2014 [6]. In 2014, he sued the Southwest Gas Corporation, stating that he was discriminated against based on age; however, his case was dismissed [4]. Currently, he is a Principal at Broadmore Consulting, Inc since 2015 [2]. 

Thompson serves as Chair of the National League of Cities Economic Development Committee, American Public Gas Associations Public Policy Committee [5], American Public Gas Association’s Public Gas Policy Council, President of Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, and other positions on the national and state level on local non-profit boards [7].

Key Issues


Thompson supports eliminating mandates and subsidies to lower utility rates, especially eliminating subsidies for renewable energy [1][10]. Previously, Thompson has worked to raise water rates and advocate for 0% utility rates [5].


Thompson supports prioritizing and maintaining a resilient and reliable energy grid [3] by ensuring that the utilities’ Integrated Resource Plans account for current and future growth and demands. Thompson does not support Green New Deal-style policies [6]. He supports the placement and clear regulation of new energy technologies in Arizona, especially technologies like micro-nuclear [1]. Thompson believes the Legislature, not the commissioners, should create energy policy [10], and that consumers shouldn’t pay for renewable energy if they don’t use it [13].


Thompson supports giving policymaking power to the Legislature instead of the Commissioners [6]. Thompson does not support the three-person majority of Commissioners to pass energy policy [1] because he wants rural communities to have a greater say [10]. 


Rep. Jacqueline Parker, LD 16; Congressman Andy Biggs; Jo Martin; Rene Lopez, Chandler Councilmember; Former Rep. Jill Norgaard; Skip Hall, City of Surprise Mayor; Cathay Carlat, City of Peoria Mayor; Jon Willis, Ceo Freespace; Commissioner Jim O’Connor; Vice Mayor and Councilmember Mark Stewart; Jeff Brown, Councilmember of Queen Creek; Payson Mayor Tom Morrissey; Rep. Travis Grantham, LD 12; Apache Junction Councilmember Braden Diggs; Rep. Walt Blackman, LD 6; Sen. Warren Petersen, LD 12; Rep. Jake Hoffman, LD 12; Rep. Ben Toma, LD 22; Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic; Sons of Liberty Riders Crew; Senator Sonny Borelli; 


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