Kim Jackson

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Incumbent


Kim Jackson received her undergraduate degree from Furman University in History and later received her masters degree from Emory University in Theology [4]. Currently, she is the Vicar at the Episcopal Church of the Common Ground in Atlanta.
Jackson was elected to the Senate to represent Georgia’s 41st District in 2020. Jackson serves on the Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, Government Oversight, Natural Resources and the Environment and Public Safety Committees [2].

Key Issues


Jackson wants to create a new school funding system that allocates money equally to Georgia schools [3].

Gun Policy

Jackson wants to provide universal background checks, remove guns from perpetrators of domestic violence, and repeal the current open carry laws [3].

Criminal Justice

Jackson plans to introduce a bill calling for the decriminalization of all minor traffic violations. Jackson also wants to reduce the penalties for possession of marijuana, prohibiting jail-time for possessing less than 1 ounce of marijuana [3].


Jackson supports legislation to expand Medicaid. Jackson wants to implement reforms to make childcare affordable [3].

Reproductive Rights

Jackson is pro-choice, and will oppose any legislation that criminalizes abortion [3].


Jackson believes in increasing the minimum wage in Georgia [3].


Asian American Advocacy Fund; Georgia Equality; Victory Fund; Planned Parenthood; Emily’s List; Georgia Association of Educators; Former Georgia State Representative Stacy Abrams; Dekalb District Attorney Sherry Boston; Chief Justice Norman Fletcher [3]


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