Kimbely Craig

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Kimbley Craig is currently the mayor of Salinas [1, 2, 3]. She received her Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Criminology from the University of La Verne and her Master’s Degree in Homeland Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School. She was previously a Salinas City Councilwoman for District 5. She is also currently the President and Chief Operating Executive (CEO) of the Monterey County Business Council. Craig is also the owner of K. Craig, a media buying company, and was formerly a media director for Anda Burghardt Advertising [2].

Key Issues


Craig supports the introduction of new businesses and shopping centers in Salinas. She also wants to support business owners affected by COVID19 [1].


Craig supports the partnership with unhoused residents who use shelter, transitional housing, and case management resources [1].


Craig hopes to address infrastructure and pothole issues to reduce traffic and development impacts [1].


Salinas Firefighters; Salinas Police Officers Association; SEIU Local 521; Teamsters Local 890; Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte; Salinas Valley Leadership Group; Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce; Monterey County Realtors Association; Monterey County Hospitality Association; Monterey Bay Action Committe; Zoe Lofgren: Congresswoman (CA, 19th District); Robert Rivas (AD 30): Assemblymember; Christie Cromeenes: Salinas Mayor Pro-Tem; Dennis Donohue (Ret.): Salinas Mayor; Russ Jeffries (Ret.): Salinas Mayor; Steve McShane: Salinas City Councilman; Gloria de la Rosa (Ret.): Salinas City Councilmember; Adele Fresé (Ret.): Salinas Police Chief; Kelly McMillin (Ret.): Salinas Police Chief; Dan Ortega (Ret.): Salinas Police Chief; Ed Rodriguez (Ret.): Salinas Fire Chief; Michelle Vaughn; John Phillips: Monterey County Supervisor (District 5); Luis Alejo: Monterey County Supervisor  (District 1); Chris Lopez: Monterey County Supervisor (District 3); Simon Salinas (Ret.): Monterey County Supervisor; Butch Lindley: Monterey County Supervisor (Ret.); Martha Martinez: Salinas City ESD Superintendent (Ret.); Guadalupe Gilpas Barrera: Alisal School Board Trustee; Dave Potter: Carmel Mayor; Jose Rios: Gonzales Mayor; Lance Walker: Greenfield Mayor; Mike Le: BarreKing City Mayor; Mary Ann Carbone: Sand City Mayor; Dean Flippo: Monterey County District Attorney (Ret.); Jenny McAdams: Pacific Grove Councilmember; Terrin Eisemann-Gunter: Community Leader; Jodi Bennett: Community Leader; Ed Bennett: Community Leader; Sal Alvarez: Community Leader; Amanda & Brian Antle: Community Leader; David Armanasco: Community Leader; Rod Braga: Community Leader; Paul Bruno: Community Leader; Ricky Cabrera: Community Leader; Rolando Cabrera: Community Leader; Don & Barbara Chapin: Community Leader; John D’Arrigo: Community Leader; Brent Eastman: Community Leader; Anker & Cappy Fanoe: Community Leader; Rose Ferrasci: Community Leader; Steven Goldman: Community Leader; Angel Gonzalez: Community Leader; Kent Hibino: Community Leader; Fred Hooker: Community Leader; Sal Jimenez: Community Leader; Jill and Mark Kennedy: Community Leader; Mary Ann Leffel: Community Leader; Margaret D’Arrigo Martin: Community Leader; Cynthia Martinez: Community Leader; Margarito & Manuel Maya: Community Leader; Dr. Joanna Oppenheim: Community Leader; Pete & Karen Scudder: Community Leader; Jason & Jennifer Smith: Community Leader; Dr. Brian Smoot: Community Leader; Gary Tanimura: Community Leader; Harry Wardwell: Community Leader; Mun Yi: Community Leader


1 Official Website
2 LinkedIn
3 City of Salinas
4 KSBW Action News