Kimberly Alameda

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Kimberly Alameda is a part of the AME (Alameda, Miller, Economy) Higher for Education team [2, 4] and is married to a combat veteran. She grew up in California and has been in Chesapeake for almost five years now [1].

Key Issues


Alameda wants to make masks optional and is against mandates for either masks or vaccines [1, 3, 4]. She is in line with Governor Youngkin’s Executive Order #2 [2].


Alameda is against political propaganda on school property. She supports parental choice, parent volunteers in schools, mental and social health support, and a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. She is against the teaching of Critical Race Theory, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and race-based teaching. Alameda wants to reform special education and school lunches. She also promotes parent-teacher partnerships. Lastly, she looks to improve working conditions for school faculty, including teachers and school bus drivers [1, 2, 3].


Jared Miller, Candidate for Chesapeake School Board; Jennifer Economy, Candidate for Chesapeake School Board; Brian Economy, Candidate for Chesapeake City Council


1 Kimberly Alameda for Chesapeake School Board
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4 AME Higher for Education