Kimberly Miller-Beaty

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Beaty started out as a Patrol Officer in 1986 with the Buffalo Police Department and eventually served as Chief of E-District and Deputy Police Commissioner. Beaty is a Certified Master Police Instructor.

Key Issues


Beaty wants to ensure that proper staffing levels are being met, create an active recruitment campaign, and fully utilize mutual aid resources.


Beaty wants to make sure that all people in custody are medically evaluated by trained medical staff, ensure access to medical treatment, and consult with local medical providers to establish mutual aid resources.


Beaty wants to advance community policing through incorporating Mental Health Professionals in the process of policing, ensuring deputies know how to de-escalate situations, and enhancing the Community Relations outreach program at the Sheriff’s Office.

Beaty wants to provide accountable leadership by keeping lear lines of communication between deputies and command staff and conducting reviews of existing policies to ensure that the best practices are being implemented.

Beaty wants to establish trust between the Sheriff’s Office and the community. Beaty wants to ensure compliance with mandatory reporting requirements and create a consistent and transparent policy for incident reporting.


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