Kristi Ohman

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


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Key Issues

Parental Involvement

Ohman wants to ensure that parents know the curriculum of schools and hopes to increase school transparency [1]. She hopes to encourage parental involvement in the classroom so parents know what is being taught; she also wants to encourage dialogue and communication [5].


Ohman hopes to have strong community involvement to maintain strong schools [1].


Ohman supports the use of ESSER funding to compensate teachers [3].


Ohman disagrees with the school board’s choices regarding how far students have to walk to the bus. She supports expanding access to technology. Ohman wants to alter the dress code to remove “disrespectful” dress [3].

Mental Health

Ohman wants to increase the amount of mental health counselors present in Kyrene schools [3]. She believes the biggest issue impacting students in Arizona is the distractions and divisions caused by social media and social trends, which impact their mental health [5].

School Safety

 Ohman believes the current Kyrene security system can be improved [3].


Ohman opposes education about racism or equity issues as part of the Kyrene curriculum [5].


Ohman believes there is a helplessness among Kyrene students and hopes to address it with disciplinary action taken by administration [5].


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