Kristina Duggan

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Kristina Duggan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of California, Riverside. Duggan is a former business executive, City Council staff person, and President of the Lagoon Playgroup Cooperative Preschool in Belmont Heights. She was a Volunteer Coordinator for the Lowell Elementary School PTA, where she also served as a classroom volunteer. Duggan was a Board Member, Treasurer, and Regatta Director for the Long Beach Rowing Association. She was Treasurer of the Wilson Girls Aquatics Foundation at Wilson High School and assisted the Friends of Belmont Shore with their communications and membership activities, including hosting the annual Long Beach Police Department’s National Night Out event activities for her neighborhood at her family’s home [2].

Key Issues


Duggan wants to support staffing one REACH team for each of the 9 Long Beach districts and open the Multi-Service Center for 7 days a week. She supports the CARES court, Quality-of-Life officers, and the enforcement of Long Beach’s anti-camping order [2]. Duggan believes that the biggest problem facing Long Beach is homelessness and crime. She wants distinctions to be made within the homeless population and to offer different needs to the different groups [3]. Duggan supports affordable housing but wants to look at state edicts surrounding overcrowding and the changing character of neighborhoods [4].

Law Enforcement

Duggan wants to work with the City Manager and Police Chief to plan budget spending, schedule increased patrol presence for police, increase beat officer presence, and promote community-oriented policing along with increasing Neighborhood Watch [2]; She wants to take deterrent actions to prevent crime before it can happen [3]. Duggan wants to prioritize law enforcement and criminal activity because she sees potential budget deficits over the next few years [4].


Duggan wants to review many regulations surrounding the business community, connect small businesses to the Business Improvement District, support small businesses through City Hall, and survey businesses for their input on current issues. She also wants to host a quarterly meeting for all business owners to participate in and encourage a “local shop” mentality [2].


Duggan supports the mitigation of environmental issues that can be implemented without costing the residents and business owners [4].


Duggan wants to consult with urban planners to find additional parking and see if under-utilized day parking lots can be used as additional parking [4].


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