Kurt Rohrs

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Kurt Rohrs graduated with a graduate degree in Chemistry and an MBA in Finance at San Jose State University. He has worked with the Chandler District’s Citizen’s Budget Committee, having been chairperson two times, and has been on the Public Policy Committee of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce and Sun Lakes Rotary Club [3]. Rohors currently works as a Financial Advisor and Retirement Planner at Southwestern Retirement Planning Advisors, Inc [5].

Key Issues

Parent Involvement

Rohrs supports parents’ involvement with teachers and the classroom and parents being informed of the implementation of new programs [4]. He wants the district to satisfy the demands of the parents [1].


Rohrs wants to address stress on teachers to prevent teacher shortages [1]. 


Rohrs supports increasing reading and math proficiency by 50% and placing direct intensive resources for schools to meet the standard. He wants to increase student retention and catch up on learning loss [1]. He does not support political and social education in schools and wants to remove Child Sexualization Education [3]. Rohrs wants to focus on career and technical education and adding technology into teaching [4].


Rohrs wants to develop a plan to fund top priorities and balance it against taxpayer’s interests [3, 4]. 


Rohrs supports discipline within Staff and students to prevent outside threats at the school [4].


Kevin Hartke, Mayor; Mark Stewart, Chandler Councilmember; JD Mesnard, Senator; Jeff Weninger, Representative; Warren Petersen, Senator; Travis Grantham, Representative; Jake Hoffman; Terry Roe, Vice Mayor; Rene Lopez; Christine Ellis; Aimee Yentes, Vice Mayor; Laurin Hendrix; Jim Torgeson


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