Kushana S. Galloway

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Kushana S. Galloway is a former youth career counselor, tutor, education and family coach. Galloway was also the founder of the McCargo Foundation, President of Kazelle & Co, a board member of DPCS Healthy Families, and a member of the DPS Family and Community Engagement Committee. She has a background in education, having been a Shining Diamonds mentor, Boys & Girls Club of Danville education specialist, and a family engagement coordinator with the Center for Early Success. She is also a mental health professional [2].

Key Issues


Galloway wants to increase school, parent, and community partnerships. She wants to increase transparency, resources for students, and programs to support teacher morale and retention [2].

She plans to evaluate all school policies and procedures to check their efficiency. She wants to make sure that the superintendent is operating a strategic system in order to accredit all schools [3].


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