Larry L. Taylor

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Larry Taylor owns Larry Taylor Restorations, a carpentry and restoration business. He is a speaker and youth mentor at All Nations Community Church [1, 7, 10].

Key Issues


Taylor seeks to cut taxes in Lynchburg and advocates for accountability of tax dollars. He seeks to increase economic growth in Lynchburg through private investment, workforce development/vocational training, decreasing business taxes, and directing City Hall to focus on business development and expansion [1, 12].

Taylor plans to work with the Chamber of Commerce to recruit businesses into the city and increase tourism. He aims to create a full service grocery store with lower prices for those with lower wages or those who rely on government assistance [3, 10].

Public Safety

Taylor seeks to provide first responders with competitive pay and staffing ratios and increase hiring of police officers, firefighters, and medical units. He aims to remove stigma around public safety officials by integrating them into the community. Taylor is a strong supporter of the second amendment. He seeks to spread awareness about firearm safety through free seminars/classes [1, 10, 12].


Taylor supports appointing leaders to the School Board who prioritize student success, parental insight, and investment in educators. He believes that Heritage High School should be renovated, but not without an engineering survey that provides a cost estimate for the renovation. He seeks to create a vocational education center and increase funding to vocational education [4, 11].


Taylor plans to increase the frequency of bus routes in Lynchburg [11].


Taylor plans to address crumbling infrastructure in Ward II [11].


Taylor aims to cut taxes for the elderly and ensure they have the means to remain in their homes [12].


Lynchburg Republican City Committee; Bethany Harrison, Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney; Chris Faraldi, Lynchburg Councilman


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